Local BNP activists = A great bunch!

The reporting of the Aberdeen Anarchists on the recent spate of ‘unpopularity’ that has affected the BNPs election campaign in Aberdeen has got under the skin of their core membership of moronic xenophobes.

Previously we have been deleting the various insults which disgruntled BNP activists have sent our way, as we know you don’t want to wade through the sheer amount of ill-informed garbage that a dedicated few have been sending us.

However, in the interests of free speech and further ridicule here is a selection of the most ridiculous, taken completely out of context.

“typical commie filth, twisting the truth or telling outright blatant lies” – Starts off on a nice note.

“crap website” – That possibly has some merit 😉

“extreemist lefties” – Reeeaaalllyy extreeeeme!


“God bless Nick Griffin and of course all at the BNP” – A bit disturbing

“piece of scum”

“manky leftie pieces of shit”

“Well done Barry and the Crew for taking on the Aberdeen scumbags” – Advocating violence against activists…. shocking!

“God Bless our beloved leader, Nick” – “[Hitler] was sent to us by God to save Germany” (Hermann Goering) hmm…

“Our University Lecturer, Darth Vadar, is our leader.” – This one is just confusing, nonsensical ramblings.

“brainwashed vermin” – glass houses eh?

“Nick Griffin, he is one very funny, quick witted, shagable bloke.” – no comment

“a lefite retard” – nicely offensive

“Personally, I have always fancied Zac Goldsmith. Anyhow, God Bless Nick Griffin.” – disturbing.

“Go on…. be a devil, allow a non conformist comment on…. God Bless Nick Griffin.” – done.

Just to underline the BNP’s commitment to free speech, here is a screengrab of the Scottish BNP blog comments page on a piece about the billboard.


Aberdeen BNP’s New Billboard

The idiots from the BNP have failed to take the hint to fuck off out of Aberdeen. They have had another BNP billboard put up mere metres from the site of the last one. No prizes for guessing what happened.

Antifascists have already taken up the challenge and attacked it, leaving no doubt (if there ever was any?) about what Aberdeen thinks of hatred and fascist ideology.

Fascists are not welcome in Aberdeen!