BNP Billboard in Aberdeen

Anti-fascists have attacked and defaced the BNP’s billboard on the Great Northern Road outside the Northern Hotel. The billboard has already been replaced once due to the actions of local residents appalled by the BNP’s message of minority intimidation and intolerance. The BNP have now put ‘security’ in place to protect the billboard against the actions of Aberdeen’s antifascists.

These security are nothing more than ‘old school’ party members who are not averse to the street violence that characterised the party in the 90s, from which today the party tries to distance itself .  Aberdeen Anarchists activists experienced this violence first hand, and can advise anybody who carries out direct action in this way to be wary of a metallic blue car (possibly a ford focus), sitting in front of the Northern Hotel.

One of the men who has been providing security for the billboard is Aberdeen BNP party organiser and part time street thug Barry Scott, pictured below.

Finally, we would like to salute anybody who fights fascism and racist intolerance in their community by any means necessary.


Aberdeen Uni Occupation

A group of around 100 hundred students marched in protest against proposed cuts in University funding today, then approx. 30-40 of us occupied part of the management building. We plan to stay there until the Principal signs our demands, which consist of guarantees that the University will fight to stop cuts and measures which will have a negative effect on both University workers and students.

The occupation continued through the night.