N30 Big Breakfast….Super GO Breakfast teams!

Supporting N30 picket lines.

Aberdeen Anarchists  & Aberdeen Against Austerity teamed up to visit as many picket lines as possible with hot tea and coffee, morning rowies, sandwiches and solidarity for the striking workers on N30.

We started early and visited our first picket lines at Aberdeen Royal
Infirmary, the Marine Lab and Kittybrewster Depot while other Super GO
Breakfast teams visited their local picket lines before our meet up at the town court house at 8am.

We spent the next few hours visiting as many picket lines as possible,
covering as many unions and places of work as we could. In total we
delivered breakfast for 22 picket lines where we were met with smiles and solidarity. People seemed really appreciative of our efforts which really made dragging our sorry bums out of bed at 6am very worthwhile. We even bumped into the Fire Brigade Union who were out doing the same.

We then met up with the Aberdeen Students currently in occupation at the university, to march with them down to the mass rally at the Castlegate(Aberdeen’s traditional place for agitation and rebellion.) It was fantastic to see the occupation going great guns and everyone working very well together. Anarchy in action, jazz hands and solidarity!

The turn out at the rally was very impressive, the biggest I’ve personally seen in Aberdeen since the poll tax days. There was a really good, noisy atmosphere with local speakers representing the unions, students and local community groups. The last speaker was a rep from Aberdeen Anarchists who gave the crowd a little giggle to keep them warm and to go home with.

The atmosphere in town is really positive just now which for Aberdeen is quite amazing. We have far too many people in the dirty oil trade, making too much money to ever get much support from the local press and the private sector. The N30 event has brought together good folks from the Unions, austerity groups, SWP, Anarchists, Students, pensioners and many others who are working together very well and who are determined to build on what we have done so far. We need to keep the solidarity going, stay active and visible and engage with other groups and the public as this is only the start.

Aberdeen Against Austerity and Aberdeen Anarchists would like to send
solidarity and big love to the all the good people from ATUC Council and Club, PCS, Unite, Unison, EIS, UCU, UCATT, GMB, ATL, RMT, SIPTU, CSP, Aspect, AEP, NAHT, AHDS, SWP, Occupy Aberdeen, Occupy Aberdeen University, Black Sheep Collective, everyone we met on the picket lines, anyone we have forgot to mention and to every single person in the UK who took action on N30.


Scottish Trade Union Council anti-cuts protest

Saturday 23rd of October saw the Scottish Trade Union Council call an anti-cuts march which was attended by upwards of 20,000 people. This was one of the biggest protests Edinburgh has seen for a long time and saw a respectable Anarchist Bloc. Most encouraging of all it was not just made up of the “usual suspects” but saw thousands of people from very varying walks of life. As Edinburgh Anarchists put it :

” We even ended up chatting to the Prison Officers’ Association and Tayside Police Admin(!) How’s that for getting out of the anarchist ghetto?”

This is exactly what is needed to succesfully fight pubic spending cuts and find constructive ways to build our own alteratives. The ability of the Trade Union Council to attract this many people to come out onto the street was impressive and heartening for what often may seem like the decline in strength of trade union movement. lets hope this new found momentum translates into action and grass roots organisation. Whe banded together in defence of one another we are strong enough to resist this coup by the rich. We must fight for every job, every public amenity, every school, every park and anything else they will try to take from the people. It has been a long time since the working class have had a victory in this country, but remember that local community organisations and flat out refusal to co-oprate is what made the poll tax unworkable and eventually brought down Thatcher. By organising as unions, neighbourhood/community groups and anti-cuts networks we can win this . As put in the leaflets we handed out:

We need collective, grassroots responses to our hardships. As anarchists we want better lives for ourselves, our neighbours, our friends and our colleagues. There are alternatives to to a society forced on us by the rich, Let’s build them.”