Inverness Anarchist Film Festival

On Saturday February 11th in a small community space called the The Bike Shed just outside Inverness town centre, Inverness anarchist Federation put on an anarchist film festival, showing three documentary films – Anarchism in America, an Anarchist’s Story and The Pipe.

There was also space for a chat over sandwihches and homemade Vegan cake, as well as an array of literature to peruse both free and for sale courtesy of AK Press.

People from an assortment of campaigns and organisations came from all around – Aberdeen Anarchists were represented as was Glasgow Anarchist Federation. One committed soul even came as far away as Bradford.

Things kicked off just after 10am with Anarchism in America. Directed by Steven Fischler and Loel Sucher, Anarchism in America sets out to explode some of the myths surrounding anarchism, exploring some of the similarities between anarchism and the American conventions of liberty and individualism. It does so through a series of interviews with the great and good including Murray Bookchin and former Republican speech writer Karl Hess. It also describes some of the key events in American anarchist history such as the case of Sacco and Vanzetti.

We then had a  break for lunch and a some time to catch up with old friends and make some new.

The second film, an Anarchist’s Story tells the remarkable tale of Scot Ethel Macdonald who went to Spain to report on the civil war, first by mail and then later as a radio broadcaster for Barcelona’s anarchist radio, work which as well as assisting Spanish anarchists escape the authorities, landed her in hot water.

Ethel MacDonald broadcasting in Spain 1937

She was arrested and imprisoned, only to be released due to the intervention of British Labour politician Fenner Brockway.The “Bellshill Girl Anarchist” returned to her native Glasgow in November 1937 where she continued her political work, rallying support for the Spanish Resistance.

The final film The Pipe is a Film Four production about the controversial Corrib Gas Pipeline and the battle which ensues between Royal Dutch Shell, the Irish authorities and the local residents.

It describes the highs and lows of the Shell to Sea campaign, the conflicts with the Garda both on land and at sea and the imprisonment of the Rossport Five.

All in all it was a terrific day and a great start for Inverness Anarchist Federation.

Here’s to many more such events!

Report by [D.I]

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Click here to buy Anarchism in America from AK Press.

Click here to watch an Anarchist’s Story.

Click here to watch a trailer of The Pipe.


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