Was it worth it?

As the dust settles on another election, the startling success of the BNP in Aberdeen can be clearly shown. Roy Jones managed to attain 635 votes in Aberdeen North, which was good enough for 2nd last. In Aberdeen South, where Susan Ross had put in such a lot of effort, she polled a remarkable… 529 votes. Oh dear. and that’s after all the resources and time that was diverted to Aberdeen after their Glasgow branch fell apart.

Ah well… maybe next time.

Aberdeen hates fascists.



  1. that leaves 1000 nazi fuckers who need annihilated then….Cant say thats a success.
    One is too much in my book.

    • Free thinker the pc hard man eh? BNP are finished and its time for a real nationalist party to start to make a difference in Aberdeen. You know who we are and soon you will have the chance to try and do your best to stop us.

      • If you re talking about the NF, it isn’t even worth opposing you tbh.
        Would this be the same NF that most people laugh about when they hear they are active in Aberdeen? Or would this be the NF that got 9 votes in council elections. xD

        Your lot are a joke and to do anything would be helping people take notice of a group of knuckle draggers who will ultimately have wasted their time, money and breath during the election.

        You’ll get some of the disenfranchised youth who don’t know better and your usual core of xenophobic morons who’ll add up to a patheticly tiny number which you will parade around to make yourselves not feel useless and claim as a victory.

        But I will not aid in giving you attention you might get in shock value.

        Give it up Nazi poser and follow your leader:

  2. Well we knew they were gonna get some votes no matter how shit they are, but only six BNP candidates got less votes across the UK out of 338 standing. So it’s quite embarrassing for them. Also the BNP election results in general were a disaster for them across the country, including some humiliating collapses in the local elections.

  3. What’s the difference between the BNP and a bus?

    A bus actually has seats…..

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